Sir John Kirwan

Co-founder of Groov

Presentation: Performance Care and The Future of Mental Health at Work

One of JK’s personal and professional missions is to help 100 million people with their daily mental wellbeing.

He’s a huge believer in having a daily mental health plan to help you feel good and function well. In this candid talk, he’ll share how creating his own daily mental health plan “saved his life” and give people a framework for creating their own. People will walk away with new tools for how to find their Groov, as well as a renewed sense of optimism about their mental wellbeing.

Alongside his powerful personal story, JK has spent most of his life in high-performing teams – be it as an All Black, rugby coach, or co-founder – and he’s picked up more than a thing or two about leadership along the way. JK reflects on what he believes is truly at the heart of high-performing teams: something he calls ‘Performance Care’. He shares why caring for your people should come first (always) and how this doesn’t have to get in the way of productivity.